Best International Tax Strategies & Tax Planning (Guide 2018)

“The Best International Tax Planning Strategies (Guide 2018) – Discover how to circumvent the Anti-Abuse Legislation of rapacious Tax Agencies of OECD Countries legally.”

If your tax agency considers that your new company abroad has been set up solely to shift profit margins to a controlled entity issuing fictitious invoices, you are under a tremendous risk of being accused of tax evasion and facing jail time.

Discover with the help of our Tax Planning Guide how to structure your business to be tax-compliant and how to legally circumvent the latest anti-abuse legislation of the OECD. Discover with our Tax Strategies how to avoid that your company qualifies as a related “illegal intermediate company” and much more.

Before you are going to set up companies abroad in tax-friendly jurisdictions, you should take the perspective of your tax agency at home to be prepared and win a confrontation with the agency. Our Guide will disclose the latest most common arguments used by rapacious tax agencies of OECD countries.

Experience our battle-proven Tax Strategies, and you will be gratified. Prepare your new company abroad. Plan and draft your Business Plan tax-efficiently. Adapt your new company to be fully tax-compliant with the latest requirements of your tax agency.