Exclusive Black Credit Cards for HNWI

Silver Cards, Gold Cards or Platinum Cards are long gone. The super rich, also known as Ultra High Net Worth Individuals (HNWI), nowadays pay with their black credit cards called Centurion, Infinite or Ultima.

Those cards let you transfer hundreds of millions, but who can get one and how?

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To give an idea about what black cards are capable of, let’s start with a recent real example.

When Liu Yiqian presented his credit card for the purchase of the 500-year-old porcelain cup, the Sotheby’s employee had to swipe it 20 times before the purchase was completed.

The cup being auctioned by Sothebys belonged to the emperors of the Qing Dynasty and it was not the price that shocked Mr. Liu Yiqian but he had not expected to be served tea in this ancient cup, while waiting for Sothebys to complete his transaction.

The credit card used to pay for this was a Centurion from American Express, one of the most prestigious credit cards available in the world right today. According to the Wall Street Journal, the delay caused was not due to the credit worthiness of the Centurion card but the mere fact that the auction house had an upper limit, per card swipe, of 1.6 million dollars. And this resulted in the card to be swiped many times before the purchase was completed.

Totally in black, this special piece of card is only given to chosen customers through an invitation.

Most of the credit card firms have similar cards: American Express has the Centurion, Visa the Infinite and in some regions of the world Citibank has the Ultima.

There is no comment from Sothebys to the specific case of Liu Yiqian, but the auction house does confirm that even extremely expensive pieces of art can be paid with credit card. However, the buyer is required to register at the auction and to have his card checked one day before his or her first buy. A Sothebys spokesperson also told the We