Offshore Banking: How to open an
Offshore Bank Account legally (Guide 2020)

There are multiple reasons for an Offshore Bank Account. Lower Taxes, Strict Privacy Rules, Asset Protection, Safest Offshore Banks and Low Corruption are just a few benefits for entrepreneurs going offshore. Switzerland, for example, offers the lowest VAT (7,7%) in Europe. Disclosing client information would result in criminal charges against the employees of the bank. Therefore, more than 30% of all offshore banking assets are managed by Swiss banks. Together, we will discover why Swiss banks are so special.

Offshore banking in a carefully selected jurisdiction can offer little-known advantages for the long-term if you follow the laws and accomplish the reporting requirements. Offshore banking isn’t illegal but hiding is. We reject illegal tax evasion schemes (Panama Papers).

“We will guide you through the most important Financial Centres in the world disclosing the recipes of successful investors, for example, how to find out if a bank is safe. 14 Help-Videos will disclose the secrets of offshore banking in simple words.”

We will help you on how to open an offshore bank account legally outside of your home country. We show you how to find the best offshore banks in the world. What we recommend is fully compliant with the laws in your home jurisdiction and the laws in the chosen offshore jurisdiction.