Off-Market Real Estate and Property Sales Opportunities

Off Market Property Sales ZurichCaputo and Partners Ltd. is a Swiss boutique law firm specialized in private banking and dedicated to serving private banking clients exclusively.

During the past 25 years we have advised thousands of ultra-rich clients and their families. We are working in strong cooperation with family offices, trustees, private bankers, senior relationship managers, owner of banks, family foundations, waqf, asset managers, lawyers, last will executors, protectors, tutors and other professionals from all over the world serving High Net-Worth Individuals (HNWI).

We help international and multicultural families living in different jurisdictions to handle and manage inheritance and succession cases. We prepare and coach our clients in successful negotiations with their banks, in order to achieve success in their next meeting with the banks.

Tax efficient handling for your inherited assets

Before distributing the proceedings of the accounts and the inherited real estates, we provide the most tax efficient holding structures located in different jurisdictions. Our wide network is based upon trust and confidentiality.

We have access to unique off-market real estate opportunities – proposed from the professionals within our network. These properties are not advertised openly within the internet or other open media. Neither are they disclosed anywhere else for the public reach. Our real estate transactions and share deals are executed between professionals, communities, families and friends. We operate under strict confidential environment for the protection of our clients, who can be celebrities or politically exposed persons, famous and shy away for unnecessary publicity and wish to preserve their private sphere from the public. Based on our connections to famous representatives the gastronomic industry and restaurant owners working in Zurichs gastronomic scene, we are always informed on the last trends and developments.

Usually, we have between 20 and 40 unique properties to offer on an ongoing basis. The prices of the properties in our books range from 5 Million to 100 Million and above. Amongst these, there are hotels and shopping centers, which are planned and ready for execution. From time to time we have clients who have special needs to immediate liquidity but are not willing to go to