Lump Sum Taxation Switzerland – Requirements & Examples – All Cantons listed with a detailed comparison

Save Millions in Taxes like the Formula 1 Drivers with Lump Sum Taxation in Switzerland – No Taxation & No Disclosure of your Income

I will reveal to you how Formula 1 drivers and Hollywood stars negotiate their secret tax deals with the authorities of the Canton of residence. The good thing is, you do not have to be a movie star to enjoy the benefits of Swiss Lump Sum Taxation.

You save millions in taxes because you are not taxed on income and wealth, but only on the annual cost of living. Save up to 95% of your annual taxes. Every year, you will save between several 100’000 EUR to 100’000’000 EUR and more. This attractive taxation regime is unique to Switzerland. In addition, your income and your wealth remain a private matter – 100% privacy is guaranteed by the Swiss authorities. The Swiss authorities are not concerned with your income and wealth. It is your yearly living expenses that will determine your Lump Sum Taxation and your final tax bill. Consequently Swiss Lump Sum Taxation is also known as Expenditure-based Taxation.