Italy Flat Tax – New Tax Haven in Europe 2019

The right-wing populist Lega with his leader Matteo Salvini won the election by far on 26 May 2019. There is no doubt: the Lega will be the strongest political force in Italy. The new leaders are convinced that the new Italy Flat Tax Regime will help the Italian economy and create a new tax haven.

Lega Nord is a strong promoter of the new Italy Flat Tax Regime, while the coalition partner “5 Stelle” torpedoed the application of the Italy Flat Tax Regime until the last elections. Today, wealthy new residents from all over the world are lured to move to Italy in a new tax haven with an incredible tax gift.

In one shot, the Italy Flat Tax Regime will abolish the taxation of all the income and wealth generated outside Italy against a flat tax of 100’000 EUR only; despite the amount of income. There are no reporting obligations for offshore bank accounts. There is no duty to file a tax declaration for offshore assets. The new Italy Flat Tax Regime will automatically legalize undisclosed offshore assets in Italy (by virtue of law).

In this article, you will discover the tremendous tax benefits making Italy the new tax haven for Non-European Citizen. Simple tax comparisons with USA, China, South Africa, Jordan, Russia and Brazil will show how substantial such Tax Saving can be.

Saving tax has never been so easy. Combine the Italian lifestyle with a low tax bill by moving in a new Tax Haven located in the center of Europe.