Problems with your Swiss Bank Account?
Lost Money? Frozen Assets?

We will solve your Problems immediately – At the Bank!”

Caputo & Partners is a Boutique Law Firm specialising in international business and banking. We have specific know-how in Swiss banking in conjunction with international tax law. We successfully help international business men with their problems within Switzerland, Europe and other specific countries like Brazil, where are helping wealthy families with their international tax issues.
On the following pages, we give you an overview of the most common problems faced with a Swiss bank account, offshore banking, international tax & business. These problems mean that you can lose all your money, that your money remains frozen for years, or you even risk going to jail.
We are specifically versed with solving such problems mentioned above. Here I provide you with a battle-proven survival guide on how to better identify your problems and find the best solution for them, based on real life case studies.