How Golden Visa Portugal works

This video shows how Golden Visa Portugal works, including the cost, benefits and processing time.
The Golden Visa Program in Portugal is the visa-free entry ticket to the Schengen countries.
The best part is that there is no need for relocation. After 5 years, he can become a Citizen of Portugal, an EU Citizen.
Effective residency is not required. That’s a unique gateway to freedom.
It’s a safe haven protecting from political instability.

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00:00 👉 How Golden Visa Portugal works – Introduction
01:09 👉 What is Portugal’s Golden Visa Program Definition & History?
01:52 👉 How do I get a Golden Visa for Portugal?
01:55 👉 Who is eligible for Golden Visa?
02:26 👉 Is permanent residence required?
03:07 👉 What are the investment requirements?
04:40 👉 Latest Facts & Figures about the Golden Visa Program
05:27 👉 Portugal Golden Visa 350’000 EUR Investment Fund Option
06:02 👉 How to be a successful real estate investor in Portugal?
07:05 👉 Can foreigners get a mortgage in Portugal?
07:21 👉 Should I hire a lawyer for the Golden Visa Program 2019?
09:08 👉 The application process and renewal
11:26 👉 Important Update
11:45 👉 Collecting a NIF & Opening a Bank Account in Portugal as a non-resident
12:07 👉 What are the documents needed before you start with the Golden Visa Portugal?
13:17 👉 What is the Benefit of Golden Visa Portugal?
15:10 👉 New Law: Golden Visa Portugal – Schengen Countries
15:26 👉 How much does it cost to get the Golden Visa Portugal?
15:52 👉 Are there dishonest firms offering Golden Visa Portugal?
16:34 👉 What are the Golden Visa Portugal Tax Benefits?
17:27 👉 How long is the Golden Visa Portugal processing time?
17:41 👉 How do I become a Citizen of Portugal and how long does it take?