Due Diligence and Bank Introduction Services

Paradeplatz in Zurich, home of the top Swiss Banks in SwitzerlandBank account opening in Switzerland is different than in any other country. Due to the new severe anti-money laundering regulations and increased due diligence requirements, opening bank accounts has become increasingly complicated and problematic. Now all reputable banks apply stringent Know Your Client (KYC) due diligence when entering into a new business relationship. Banks are now very cautious in dealing with new clients due to huge, publicly-known, industry-wide penalties. Swiss banks prefer to have an introduction through somebody they trust.

We assist you in preparing properly all the required documentation based on an interview with you. Our interview uncovers your individual requirements, needs and expectations. We ensure your account opening procedure is as quick and straightforward as possible. Disaster can be avoided. Using our exclusive and proprietary bank introduction service you are supported by the Founder himself, Mr. Enzo Caputo. You can benefit from his decades of legal and banking experience, intimate bank knowledge and vast network of relationships.He is a Swiss professional who was responsible for the account opening department of a major Swiss bank for six years. Having unique, in-depth, proprietary knowledge of the variations in the internal rules, organization and services of Swiss banks is the prerequisite to select the most appropriate banks. Upon specific request we will introduce you directly to the owner of the Swiss bank.

We provide you with unbiased, uninfluenced, independent, professional advice to identify the banks that can best satisfy your individual expectations with the best possible professional service. We ensure your introduction to the best available and most highly-experienced account officers. The best account officers are highly in-demand, always busy and they select the most promising clients, and/or clients introduced by people they trust – like us. Unlike our clients, unfortunate walk-in bank applicants are received by young, junior, inexperienced account managers.These bankers are not authorized to grant special conditions (i.e. fee deductions) or to provide special treatment (act outside of their employer’s dictated lists i.e. “To Buy” list). We can negotiate and obtain better terms and conditions with the right banks with the right account manager qualified to satisfy your individual and changing needs. We are not a bank so we can offer uninfluenced, neutral advice to best serve your interests. We assist you during the entire account opening procedure, guiding you step-by-step until your account is successfully opened. This is our job. It is and has been our pleasure and honor to serve our highly esteemed clients. Our clients can achieve the highest net-returns, thanks to our negotiation abilities of fee-structures and in-depth knowledge of the markets and products.

Account Opening with Cash and VISA Card and online access

It’s becoming increasingly difficult for foreign citizens to become the client of a Swiss bank. The global pressure on Swiss banks and strict anti-money-laundering regulations lead to the stringent due diligence procedu