DORMANT BANK ACCOUNT: The Best Guide to your
long lost hidden Ancestor’s Money

“There is over USD 50 Million worth of Assets currently held Dormant in Swiss Banks.“

Descendants of Swiss Bank Account holders aren’t even aware of their hidden fortunes. Due to Bank Secrecy and other reasons (including tax-neutral black money), holders of black money did not want to involve their family members in their delicate financial affairs. It is exactly for this reason that there are over USD 50 Million of hidden assets within the Swiss banks and no one is aware of her existence.

– We help you to investigate and to find the dormant bank account you are searching forWe will help you to individuate your assets with Swiss banks that you are entitled to
– When we have found the bank account of your ancestors, we will transfer it to an account in your name
We will help you to establish the required contact with all other beneficiaries
So far, we have successfully discovered over 100 dormant accounts

Many of our customers are dealing with the Ombudsman before they turn to us. They are not familiar with the dormant bank account rules, how to activate dormant account and how to close dormant account. If you have not been successful with the Ombudsman, come to us. We know the Swiss private banking industry and the dormant account procedures very well. We know many bankers personally.
“When looking for the right bank with your dormant account, you should know which bank has been absorbed, merged, liquidated or which has been taken over. Takeovers, mergers, acquisitions and liquidations cause old bank accounts to appear under other banks with new names.“
It’s imperative to know the history of banks in Switzerland. Just five years ago, more than 400 banks were licensed in Switzerland. Actually, more than 100 Swiss banks have been absorbed by bigger institutions and don’t exist anymore under the old name.
Our Guide explains the laws, rules and directives. If you want to be successful with the detection of your Dormant Bank Account, you need to engage a professional who knows the dormant bank account rules and the names of the banks which have absorbed smaller banks.