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How to legalize your black money safely?

The professional secrecy based on client-attorney privilege does not work for tax offences in Europe. EU-lawyers are obliged to report their clients to the authorities for criminal prosecution. Take benefit from the strong professional secrecy based on the client-attorney privilege in Switzerland. In the following lines, you will find out how to legalize your assets 100% secure – guaranteed without jail time!

Forword – Tax Problems & Tax Solutions

„Tax Problems with tax evasion usually start with a disaster – with an unexpected house-search of the tax inspectors beginning at 6 o’clock in the morning at your home.“

Once a criminal investigation for tax evasion has started, you have lost the opportunities and benefits adhering to an Offshore Voluntary Disclosure Program. Voluntary disclosure of secret black money no longer brings impunity. If the tax agency has not discovered your non-tax-compliant bank account, you are authorized to participate in the Offshore Voluntary Disclosure Program and legalize your assets.

An underestimated Risk – The Lists with Tax-Evaders on stolen CDs
An efficient defence strategy starts as early as possible. In contrast to usual criminal charges, for criminal charges in connection with tax evasion, you must engage your lawyer as soon as possible. The precaution works not only for Europe but all countries of the world. If you have an undeclared private bank account with a private bank in Switzerland or another offshore jurisdiction, you will have tax problems – sooner or later. It’s imperative to hire a lawyer immediately to put in place tax solutions to your tax problems.

Your name could already appear on one of the various Lists with Tax Evaders on a stolen CD purchased by the tax authorities. Criminals have downloaded lists with the names of hundred thousands of clients of Swiss banks. They have illegally sold such CDs to the European tax authorities. You cannot verify if you are already listed or not. You don’t know it.

„Be prepared for the worst case scenario!“

Tax problems can start with an investigation against you. The tax investigation always begins with a house search at your home or your office. The tax inspectors will knock on your door early in the morning looking for evidence to be used against you. The high-tax countries have now exchanged between them all sorts of Lists with Tax-Evaders on stolen CDs. The consequences of the stolen CDs are thousands of house searches all over Europe. House searches have become very frequent in investigations in connection with tax evasion. Therefore, we decided to publish 9 Tips to deal with tax inspectors in case of a house search. The 9 Tips are not tax solutions to your tax problems, but the tips are helping you avoiding the most common mistakes in a house search.

House Search: How harmless Statements can put you in Prison
It is crucial for investigations in case of tax evasion to put tax inspectors under the pressure of being reviewed by lawyers for their actions. That is important to achieve good end-results concerning the final tax solutions for our clients. The tax inspector will step back from searching through documents and premises that are not explicitly mentioned in the house search warrant. The most fatal mistakes in defence of tax evaders are made at the very beginning of the procedure. Under the shock of the ongoing house search, you should not make statements making attractive tax solutions impossible at the end of the procedure. There is always time enough to make statements, at a later stage.

The victim of a house search is suffering under tremendous moral pressure, on the day of the house search. Be relaxed, as much as you can. Don’t falsely mean that you must immediately show remorse and make a clean sweep. The tax inspectors are psychologically trained. Without legal assistance, you can be sure that the investigators will take advantage of your psychological weakness. The best thing you can do is to shut up. Silence is golden. The immediate advice of a lawyer will save you from the worst mistakes at the beginning of the tax investigation.

Silence will Pay Out
After the psychological stress period in connection with the house search, a supposedly calm returns. The tax inspectors evaluate the confiscated documents. At the beginning of the procedure, the investigators are under pressure to succeed. If they are already conducting a house search, then they must also find incriminating evidence. As soon as incriminating evidence emerges, the burden of success lingers on the investigators. The evidence must now be utilized. The tax authorities are under pressure to close the investigation. The pressure to close the case promotes the readiness for a settlement. Most jurisdictions allow a solution of the pending case by settlement agreement.

Settlement Negotiations with the Tax Agency
The lawyer should prepare the client for the settlement negotiations with the tax authority. We will discuss with you what can be the worst case scenario. We will analyse if you qualify for a Voluntary Disclosure Program. Each country has different laws. For many years, we have been serving clients from all over the world with undeclared bank accounts in Switzerland and elsewhere. We supported clients from across the globe making their assets tax-compliant.

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1. 9 Tips to deal successfully with Tax Inspectors during the House Search

We provide you with 9 practical tips to be prepared for a house search of the tax inspectors.

1.1. Alert Tax inspectors are at the door and desire inlet – keep calm
Instruct your wife to reassure the children. Let the tax inspectors enter. The house search can no longer be prevented. Resistance is futile and counterproductive. Do not try at the last moment before opening the door to flush down documents in the toilet or throw records out of the window. The investigators were already in the cellar. They turned off the water to prevent this old trick. An investigator is already standing in the backyard ready to intercept documents thrown out of the window. Experience shows that both sides make many mistakes in the first quarter of an hour of the house search. Stay calm and prudent. By following my advice, you avoid making the most common mistakes.

1.2. The written search warrant or danger in default?
Request a copy of the search warrant. There it is written, which premises may be searched. Only documents relating to the tax types and tax years explicitly mentioned in the search warrant may be confiscated. Such a severe interference with personal liberties may only be carried out in strict compliance with the principle of proportionality.

Based on the wording appearing on the search warrant you can see if it’s directed against you as a defendant or against a third party. You will see precisely if you or a third party is suspected. If there is no written search warrant, it may only be searched in case of a „danger in default“.

Ask the tax inspectors to justify the reasons for a “danger in default”. Make a handwritten record reflecting the reasons. Collect the date and the signatures of the tax inspectors on your paper. This is part of the entire strategy to achieve good results with acceptable tax solutions at the end.