About Enzo Caputo

Enzo Caputo finished law school at the University of Zurich with cum laude. At the District Court of Zurich he started as a clerk. Based on his bar exam with the Cantonal High Court Zurich he was admitted to practice in civil, administrative and criminal law before all courts in Switzerland. He accomplished post-graduate studies in combating money laundering and compliance. He was head of the legal and compliance department in a company part of the UBS Group. He last job was CEO of the Swiss Association of Asset Managers (SAAM) and member of the Arbitration Court for Asset Managers. 2006 he started his own law firm Caputo & Partners Ltd. under the domain www.swiss-banking-lawyers.com. He is multilingual. He communicates in Italian, English, German, French, Spanish and Portuguese.

Recent international Press and TV publications

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Recent Press & TV https://www.swissbankinglaw.ch/tax-attorney-financial-lawyer-about-us/ Recent international Press and TV publications. TV-Interviews with Swiss banking expert Enzo Caputo TV Station Italy: La Sette Often, he is invited to interviews or live reports. He was invited by the Italian TV channel "La Sette" several times to a live broadcast

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Best Google Rating Best Google Rating firm in Switzerland (130+ Reviews) Best rated Law Firm in Switzerland. Your #1 Law Firm for International Private Banking. READ THIS BEFORE YOU SPEAK TO CAPUTO AND PARTNERS! I came to see Mr. Caputo several weeks ago as I was going to