Company Formation in Switzerland – The Ultimate Guide

If you incorporate a company in Switzerland as a non-resident, you are right on-trend. Some of the largest global companies are headquartered in Switzerland. The highest concentration of Fortune 500 companies is in Kanton Zug. Company formation in Zug Switzerland can be considered as one of the most attractive locations worldwide to start a company. Prominent examples of large companies in Switzerland are Google and Adobe.

Actually, there is a start-up boom. 43,185 Swiss companies were founded last year in 2018. More than a third of the investors are foreign investors without a residence in Switzerland. Setting up a company in Switzerland takes only 2 to 6 weeks.

Innovation, political stability, no corruption, anonymity for investors, liberal legislation, excellent banking system, low taxes, quality of life and much more make a Company Formation in Switzerland attractive. Wealthy foreigners are protecting their global assets with Swiss companies.

Autor: Enzo Caputo
Banking Lawyer since: 1986

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Last Update: 26.07.2019