Best Private Bank List – Swiss Private Bank Directory

1. Explanation – A few important Words you should read

According to the official Swiss private bank list of the Swiss Financial Market Supervisory Authority (, FINMA) there are 296 authorized banks and securities dealers in Switzerland (June 2018). This official list is of little help to a foreign client looking for the best private bank in Switzerland for a bank account opening. All types of banks and securities dealers in Switzerland are listed on the FINMA list of banks.
Many people are searching for the top 10 private banks. A potential foreign private client of a Swiss bank who is looking for the best private bank to invest his money in Switzerland and protect the assets needs a working tool in the form of a list with key figures of all private banks. He needs important indicators, criteria and key figures that make it possible to assess the soundness and creditworthiness of the private bank of his choice. He should be able to get a first overview and make a first judgement on a specific bank of his choice and that choice not only among the top 10 private banks but all banks offering offshore private banking services in Switzerland.
[Such a working tool does not exist on the Internet until today.]
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